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Welcome to the heat press induction. Below is an overview of heat pressing and the machine we use at KWMC The Factory. Please then work through the course content below.

Once finished, you will need to complete a short quiz. You will need to score 100% to complete the online induction, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you need.

The course will take roughly 30 minutes to complete, please get in touch if you need any support.


A heat press is a machine that uses heat and pressure to transfer a design or graphic onto a surface or material, which is known as a ‘substrate’. The process permanently applies the design to the substrate.

Heat presses are primarily used to apply designs onto fabrics or clothing, using heat transfer vinyl, flock, foil or transfer dyes. This is the kind of heat press we have at The Factory.

Specially designed presses can also be used to imprint designs on mugs, plates, jigsaw puzzles, caps, and other products. We don’t currently have this kind of press at The Factory.

Our machine

Xpres Adkins Swing Heat Press

Heat press bed size: 20″ x 15″ (38.1cm x 50.8cm)

Can be used with: heat transfer vinyl, transfer dyes on paper, flock, foil