UV Printer – Roland Versa UV LEF2-200

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Welcome to the UV Printer induction.  Below is an overview of UV printing and the machine we use at KWMC The Factory.  

Please work through the course content below. 
Once finished, you will need to complete a short quiz.  

You will need to score 100% to complete the online induction, and you may retake the quiz as many times as you need. 

The course will take roughly 30mins -1 hr to complete, please get in touch if you need any support. 


UV printing is a method of digital printing which uses UV light to instantly cure (dry) ink as it is printed, meaning that you can print on almost any surface even if it isn’t porous.

Once printed the ink is scratch and chemical resistant, weather resistant and, if on material, can be stretched and applied around curved corners and edges without cracking.

Sometimes on shiny surfaces you may need to apply a primer, which will help adhere the ink to the surface. You will still be able to print without using a primer, but the finished product will not be as durable and the ink may scratch off. If you think you might need a primer, speak to a technician.

Our printer has 6 different inks, which can provide full colour printing, white printing and a gloss finish

CMYK – The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) inks are standard printing ink colours and can print full colour images

White – Used to create a white base layer. This can be used when printing on a dark material or when printing on a transparent material where you want the colours to appear opaque

Gloss – although called Gloss, this applies a varnish which can either be a matte or gloss finish. Please be aware that this is an additional process, and a gloss finish will take twice as long as matte.

Our Machine

Roland Versa UV LEF2-200

Maximum Print Size 508mm x 330mm

Maximum Material Thickness 100mm

File Format PDF, JPEG, TIFF

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