Health and Safety Overview

Health & Safety Overview

It is important to us that Health and Safety is a shared responsibility that lies with all users of the workshop, and working with awareness and respect is a key part of creating a safe environment.

We take Health and Safety seriously and believe it is also important for individuals to be mindful of others in the space.

So that we can best support your making journey whilst you are at KWMC: The Factory, speak to a member of staff in confidence if you have any medical conditions, educational or access needs we should be aware of. Please let us know, before you arrive, of any accessibility requirements which may impact your ability to complete an induction or safety briefing so we can prepare.

Please complete inductions, follow displayed guidelines and ask about anything you are unsure about. If in doubt ask a member of staff. A common understanding and response to Health and Safety measures benefits everyone.

Staff rules are final, at times we may need to implement further safety measures than are included in this guide for your/ our protection. Please respect and follow these as instructed.

What next?

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You will cover two topics, ‘Using the Space’ and ‘Using the Machinery’. Once you have finished these topics, you will be asked to do a short quiz before signing your Health and Safety Declaration.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to sign up for our machine inductions at KWMC: The Factory!