Setting up the Injection Moulder

Turn on the extraction system  

Have a worktable space clear with a heat resistant mat 

There are 2 digital temperature displays showing target and actual temperatures located 1) at the top of the extrusion cylinder and 2) at the nozzle at the bottom of the extrusion cylinder.  

The top heating element in the extrusion cylinder head heats the plastic chips being added via the hopper – this starts the process of melting the chips into molten plastic  

The bottom heating element in the nozzle is where the molten plastic is extruded from, into the mould for the process of injecting moulding into the desired form / shape 

Select your mould and secure it together with bolts 

Tighten the bolts fully – to prevent any leakage from the sides  

Your mould may vary in height and width – the machine’s adjustable chain locking system will accommodate for this  

Pull the lever (Red handle) to lower the base to fit the mould on. 

To protect the base’s surface, place the mould on top of some heat resistant material or sheet of wood. 

If using a mould and you find it does not fit into the injection moulding nozzle, you can layer sheets of plywood to get up the needed height  

Line up your mould under the nozzle  

NOTE: Depending on the mould you may want to adjust the height. To do this you can raise or lower the hook on the chain links to the back of the machine. 

Pull down the lever (Red handle) to lock the base in place with your mould connected to the nozzle