Loading material into hoop

Select your hoop size

Check that the machine is set for the correct hoop size.

To do this loosen the thumb screw on the left of the hoop mount this will allow the left arm of the hoop mount to move.

Position the right hand side of your hoop into the mount

Line up the left arm of the hoop mount so that the hoop frame is held in place.

Tighten the thumb screw until the mount arm is secure. Then remove the hoop so you can load your material

Take the outer part of the hoop (the one without the frame) and add 2 layers of stabilizer (this may vary depending on the structure on your material)

Then place your fabric on top of  the stabilizer layers.

Take the framed hoop and push into the outer hoop to hold your material in place.

Make sure the outer hoop is pushed in all the way. Pull gently on the edges of the fabric and stabilizer till the fabric is taught within the hoop.

If you have a particularly thick or thin fabric you may need to adjust the screws on the hoops.

By Becky

I'm Becky. I love dragons. I make all sorts of random wonderful things