Multiple choice

Multiple Choice 

Multiple choice questions support multiple correct answers. In order for the question to be marked correct, users must select ALL of the correct answers. If they only select some correct answers, then the question is marked incorrect. 

  • There is no limit to the number of correct or incorrect answers you provide 
  • The rest of the setup options are the same as single choice questions 

Setting up a multiple-choice question in the admin area looks like this: 

LearnDash multiple choice question, admin setup

Here’s an example of what the user will see. This uses the LearnDash 3.0 theme with the correct answers selected. 

LearnDash multiple choice question, frontend example

Subtract Points for Incorrect Answer 
You can choose to subtract points when the user selects an incorrect answer. Note that negative scoring is calculated on a per-question basis. 

  • In the Points box, enable the option for “Different points for each answer” 
  • Provide a number of points (only  positive numbers are supported) for the incorrect answer 
  • This value will then be subtracted from the question’s total points 
Negative Scoring Setting