Operating the CR Clarke Vacuum Former

Turn ON the vacuum former’s power switch

A <Colour> light will turn on to indicate power is coming into the machine

Turn on the extraction system

Lift up the base plate using the black lever to the left-hand side of the machine until it clicks and locks into place  

Place the mould or form on the base plate and release the black lever to its original position to lower.  

Lift the toggle clamps to release the back frame.

Load your plastic sheet so that the edges cover the grey silicone seal 

Lower the back frame down and use the toggle clamps to secure the material in place.

Pull the heater hood over the material.  This will allow the plastic sheet to start heating up.

Push the hood back periodically to check the material for floppiness as it heats and bows.

The sheet is ready to use when you can see it drooping

When ready, push the heater hood back.

Using the black lever, raise the base plate (with the mould on) UP, until it locks into position.  

Turn on the vacuum by flicking the switch up.

You may want to use the vacuum blower function to help release the mould from the formed plastic sheet. To do this – pull the black knob.  

When done, lower the base, using the black lever.

Allow the formed plastic sheet to cool for 10 seconds. 

You can now turn off the extraction system.

Open the toggle clamps to unload your formed sheet

Take care not to touch the black frame as this can stay hot for a short while.

Place your formed sheet on a heat proof mat to cool

Remove the mould from the formed sheet and clean up or trim the sheet as needed 

Turn the heater dial to off.

Once finished, turn the machine’s power switch off and switch off at the socket.

Leave the machine for 25 mins to cool down fully and leave the area clear and clean for the next user.

Place any waste in the correct recycling / waste bins provided