Operating the Mayku Form Box

Pick your material sheet noting the heating & timer settings needed. You will find these pieces of information on the sheet packaging or from the material guide print out alongside the machine.

Find the correct material settings – using the highest number of the material sheet heating range – then set the heater and timer dial accordingly  

The heater light will go from orange to green when the machine reaches the right temperature  

Separate the top tray by lifting the handles until it clicks into place at the top of the sliders – this may require a bit of gentle force.  

Peel any protective film off your material  

Place the material on the bottom tray so the edges are covering the grey silicone seal 

Push the top tray down onto the bottom tray so that the material is held in place. Clicking the HANDLES CLICK INTO PLACE to secure. 

Lift both the trays, together, to the top so that the material is ready to be heated  

Check you mould for undercuts as this will prevent the mould from coming out of the formed material sheet. Ideal moulds for vacuum forming are …  

Place your mould form on the surface mesh plate 

NOTE: To reduce the amount of plastic waste created you can fit multiple moulds on to the surface mesh plate where possible 

Press the timer start button and you will hear ticking; when the ticking has stopped it is ready to start forming 

Watch the material for floppiness or elasticity as it heats – you can see it becoming more mailable by the sheet becoming droopy 

Once the sheet is bowing and soft, push both of the trays fully down onto the template mould 

The vacuum cleaner will turn on automatically to create a vacuum and the plastic sheet will be sucked tight over the mould to form the final shape or shapes 

Leave the sheet to cool for 10 seconds 

Turn off the extraction 

Switch off the machine by using the temperature dial 

Unclamp the top tray and lift to top, ensuring it stays locked in place 

Remove the mould from the formed sheet and place on the heat proof mat for processing. Clean up or trim the sheet as needed 

Repeat the process for more formed sheets of material as needed 

NOTE: DO NOT unplug or switch off the machine for 25 mins, as it uses fans to cool down the heater element fully. The machine will cool itself down. Once there is no orange light near the heater dial, it is safe to switch off the machine and move if necessary. 

Your form is now ready