Operating the Strip Bender

Lift the heater guard, on the back of the machine, using the black handle  

You can then load the material – the strip bender will accommodate material up to 10mm 

Set up the edge of the material against the guide bar  

Pull the heater guard down to hold the material in place 

Lift up the heater guard periodically to check if the material is ready to bend – you will notice a visible difference in the appendence of the material as it becomes malleable 

Remove the material to a heatproof mat 

With a forming jig – bend the material to the correct angle, using clamps if needed 

Take care of the heated material  

Repeat the process for more bends as needed  

NOTE: Double bends are possible by moving the wire (when the machine is off and cool) with the wider apart the wires, the wider the distance between the double bends – please ask as technician to assist with this 

Turn off the machine when not needed and make sure the heater guard is down 

Turn off the extraction  

Allow machine to cool fully  

Leave the area clean and tidy after use including putting any materials, tools and waste in the right place