Quiz scores & answers

The Quiz Statistics option must be turned ON in order for data to be gathered. 

If the Quiz Statistics option is turned on in the Quiz settings, your users will be able to view their previous answers in two ways: 

  • Immediately after taking the quiz: Immediately after taking the quiz and the user wants to review their answers, click on the “View Questions” button. 
  • Via the user’s profile page: If the user wants to view their previous quizzes’ responses and answers, including essays, they need to go to their “Profile” or “My Account” page and click on the paper icon under the “Statistics” column. 
Quiz statistics icons on the profile page

If you have turned off the Quiz Statistics setting on your quiz, all the data captured during the time the setting was turned off will not be captured nor attributed to a specific user. Also, even if that option is turned on after the quiz is taken, the setting is not retroactive. Meaning, the data will still not be attributed to a user in the Quiz Statistics.  

Conversely, if the Quiz Statistics setting is initially on, and you turn it off, your users will still be able to view their logged answers for that particular quiz. And the data is still retained in the Quiz Statistics