Essay / open answer

Essay / Open Answer 

Essay questions allow the user to enter a free-form answer. You can choose between two types of essay questions: 

  • Text Box: Displays a <textarea> form field for the user to enter any text they’d like. 
  • Upload: Displays an upload button that allows the user to upload a file. 
2 types of LearnDash essay questions

Essays come with 3 options for how they are graded after the quiz is submitted: 

  • Not Graded, No Points Awarded: The essay question is submitted and awaiting a grade. The final quiz grade will be displayed as “Pending” to the user. 
  • Not Graded, Full Points Awarded: Awards full points for the essay submission, but its status remains “Not Graded.” An admin can grade the essay at a later date, and adjust the awarded points. 
  • Graded, Full Points Awarded: Automatically mark the essay as “Graded” and award full points. 
LearnDash grading options for essay questions

Options for showing messages for correct or incorrect answers should not be filled in for Essay/Open questions since it is user submitted and cannot be graded at the time of submission.