You are almost ready to laser cut your design, but before you do you MUST turn on the air compressor and extraction unit.

The air compressor directs a constant stream of air to your cutting surface to remove heat, smoke and debris from the work area and improve safety and efficiency.

Turn on the compressor to the right of the machine – the switch is to the far left side. You will hear a noise when it is on.

The extraction unit has 2 filters – a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) pre-filter to capture airborne particles in the extracted air, and a carbon filter containing activated charcoal to remove the smell.

Turn on the extractor fan to the left of the machine by pressing the red power button in the middle. You may need to hold the button in for a second for it to turn on.

The button will turn green to show that it is on, and you will hear the noise of the extractor.

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