Rotary Engraving Attachment – Advanced

Operation Manual

Rotary Engraving Attachment

The rotary engraving option in the printer driver is used in combination of the rotary engraving attachment, to engrave cylindrical objects.
To compensate for the different diameters of different objects, the image must be adjusted. This is performed automatically by the engraving driver, by selecting the rotary engraving option and entering the diameter of the object to be engraved.

Never plug or unplug the rotary engraving attachment while the machine is turned on. If this is not observed, there insists the danger of irreparable damage on the electronics.

The rotary engraving attachment is available with cones and with rolls. The rotary with cones permits engraving of cylindrical objects with a diameter of up to 270 mm, a length of up to 760 mm and maximum weight of 3 kg. The rotary with rolls permits engraving of cylindrical objects with a diameter of up to 180 mm, a length of up to 960 mm and maximum weight of 10 kg.

To install and set-up the rotary engraving attachment proceed as described as follows:

  1. Make sure the engraving or vacuum table is installed.
  2. Move the working table to the lower position, switch off the laser and open the top lid and front panel for easier loading.

Operation Manual

  1. Put the rotary engraving attachment onto the working table and connect it to the working table. Place the rotary on the table and position its brackets to hold the rulers.
  2. Connect the rotary engraving attachment via the control cable with the connector of the motion system. The connector is located inside the left front of the interior.

Mounting the work piece:

  1. Before you mount the object into the rotary engraving attachment, measure the diameter of the object at the position to be engraved with a sliding caliper or a similar tool. Write down this value.
  2. Adjust the height by loosening and fixing of lever 1 and screw 2 to make the work piece fitting into the rotary engraving attachment.
  3. When using a rotary attachment with cones, fix the slider of the rotary with lever 3 until the work piece is fixed between the two cones. When using a rotary attachment with rolls, adjust the slider of the rotary with lever 3 until the work piece fits on it, and then place the work piece on the rolls.
  4. Now check if the work piece is horizontal and, if necessary, adjust the level by lever 1 on the right side or lever 4 or screw 2 on the left side.

Operation Manual

9. Now switch on the laser and wait until the referencing is finished. Position the working head over the object at the position, where you want to engrave. Now focus the object with the focus tool. If the object slopes too much in the area to be engraved, the rotary engraving attachment can be tilted, so that the surface of the object is running again parallel with the X axis of the motion system. To do this, lift the right-hand side of the rotary engraving attachment and place a wedge under it. Take care not to lift the rotary engraving attachment too high, as it can touch the lens holder.

Additionaly consult the Software Manual for further information about the engraving process.

  1. Generate a graphic with the help of your graphics software. The size is not important, as the graphic can be adjusted to the dimensions of the work piece by the printer driver.
  2. Then perform the settings for size and orientation in the JobControl under “Plate, Setup Plate” and, if necessary, select the engraving material. Please note especially, that you can determine the orientation of the graphic on the object with “Job Orientation”.
  3. In the “Options” menu of the JobControl select “Rotary Engraving Attachment” and enter the diameter of the object.
  4. Double-click on the previously generated job in the waiting list to place it on the plate.
  5. Use the mouse to drag the job to the position of the plate, at which the desired engraving area is located on the object. Use the rulers in the machine and in JobControl for orientation and move the lens holder directly over the desired position, after you have connected the computer with the laser, and position the job on the screen according to the position of the lens.
  6. Establish the connection to the laser.
  7. Switch on the exhaust system (only necessary if you do not use an original Trotec exhaust system).
  8. If you use a machine type with a water cooled laser tube, switch on the cooling system before switching on the laser.
  9. Activate the START button in the Engraver Control of the JobControl and start the engraving process.