Simply these are the basic things to follow for general layout and is mainly designed to keep things looking related in context to other pages. For example most of the pages following this will be rather short to keep things clear.

Paragraph content are these editable sections and are follow this guide:  

Font Size – Normal, Custom – 20, Colour – Black 

Spacers are best seen at a height of 20 px but are set at the default height of 100 px, to edit this use the black dot on the spacer (when clicked on that block) to adjust the height. There will be a live editing note saying the exact px height of the box.

Above is a spacer example to see how it breaks the page up for easy reading of content. Also useful as a mean to keep image spaces readable as well.

Here is a test image to show how it works with said example layout of a page. For context the word press elements are locked in with fixed border so portrait images don’t work as well as landscape images.

Horizontal images are not preferred in design elements but can still be used given the aspect ratio’s overview looks appropriate.  

See below for an example as images auto change their size to best fit if too large – I’m not sure how to best describe it but it just works to the benefit of creating pages with ease.

Text can be like this or in columns as per the needed context.

There’s a fair amount of choice so use this as needed for the purposes relevent to the course and content.

This works well for images and writing descriptions as well.

This is only a small part of what can be done with WordPress and the Learning Portal systems. Please do look at the other sections for more specific content to aid in creation of high quality resources for all the people; while keeping this private to content development.