Strip Bending

Strip bending: 

Material bed size – 400mm x 200mm – but depth for materials is not a worry as pieces get bent into shape 

Maximum material thickness – 5mm  

Materials suitable for strip bending:  

  • Acrylic  
  • Polycarbonate 
  • Plexiglass 
  • ABS  
  • Polypropylene 

For strip bending, set the top switch to the left (for bending) and the bottom switch to the right (fixed cutting) 

Remove all protective film from the material 

Slide your material sheet under the yellow heating element guard, from the front, using the red ruler guide to butt up to for positioning 

You can check the material from a cut out slot in the heater element guards 

Heat the material until the part to be bent is flexible  

Take the material out from the front when ready 

Using a heat resistant mat and jig, or by hand, fold the material to the required angle 

Allow the material to cool fully