Setting up your file

The home screen shows the canvas and a library of preloaded designs. You can use these by adding them to the canvas and do some basic editing within the machine.

If you are using your own design insert your USB memory stick on the right hand side of the screen.

Press the USB button on the screen

Any .PES files from the PE-Design software will show up, if you have saved your file in a folder you will need to navigate through the folder structure to find it.

Select the file you wish to embroider and the machine will place it in the centre of your canvas.

When the correct design is on the canvas, press set to go to the edit screen.

From the edit screen you can press the add button to add additional artwork to your canvas.

The dotted line represents the small hoop and the outside line the large hoop.

In the edit screen you can do basic edits to your design, such as moving the design around the canvas, rotating and resizing.

When you are happy with your design press edit end

This will take you to the second edit screen, you do not need to make any changes here, just press embroidery to continue to the embroidery screen.

The machine automatically interprets your colours and assigns them to the numerical spool spindles.  

The machine has no way of knowing what colour threads are loaded on the spindles, so the numbers and colours may not match what is loaded on.

If they are the right colours, but assigned to the wrong spindles you can click the spool to spool button

Select the colour you wish to swap

Then press the spool to spool button again, followed by OK

If you need to load on your thread colours, check the numbers of the assigned spindle and replace the spool so they are the correct colour.

By Becky

I'm Becky. I love dragons. I make all sorts of random wonderful things